Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Website Revamped!!!

After putting it off for so long, I finally sat down and tackled what I believe to be one of the most tedious, time consuming jobs a small business owner has: website design. With technology being everywhere and the social consuming every spare minute of our lives, it's honestly foolish not to have one! Yes, I know there are now plenty of free templates out there that offer this and that...but the hardest part and actually doing it! With our type of business, pictures really do tell a whole story...and we've got tons of them!
Do you know how long it takes to upload pictures - given that my dear 7 year old desktop with an expired security firewall has recently caught the flu and has been blasting me with least 45 seconds to 1:30 mins for just one picture! Whew!
It's been 10+ hours and I'd say we are more than half way done!
So visit us! ...but please don't judge too quickly...we are always under construction!!! ;)

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